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Things About Me

I am…
1) Polirican (Polish and Puerto Rican)
2) a mother of three, two girls ages 26 and 24 and a boy age 19
3) owned by a Scottish Terrier
4) the Executive Director of a non-profit society
5) a bad Catholic
6) allergic to nuts, papaya and tyramine
7) in a committed relationship for over 28 years
8) creative
9) a typical first born

I love…
10) the sounds of birds
11) the sparkle of gem stones
12) musical theatre
13) finding a bargain
14) knitting
15) travelling
16) red wine
17) to eat
18) warm sunshine
19) peppermint foot cream
20) colour and texture
21) leaded crystal
22) smooth writing pens
23) mail
24) computers
25) swing and jive
26) big family dinners
27) long short legged dogs

What bugs me…
28) the clutter in my life
29) whiners
30) long distance driving
31) shopping for swim suits and bras
32) uncomfortable clothes and shoes
33) my lack of gardening talent
34) my habit of confusing Spanish and French
35) being cold
36) aging
37) I can’t drink more than two glasses of wine without getting a headache.

I have…
38) a Master’s degree in counselling
39) hosted over 70 foreign language students
40) dual nationality – Canadian and American
41) a spicy tooth instead of a sweet tooth
42) written over 450 newspaper columns on parenting and the early years
43) a collection of cast iron Scottie door stops
44) migraines and two different annoying arrythmias
45) a family that spontaneously breaks into song (a la Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You).

46) drink Diet Coke at breakfast
47) eat the salt first and then the pretzel
48) was born on the Ides of March
49) convinced my family to go without TV since 1998; my husband has had to cope without his video valium.
50) wear socks 24 hours a day, very sexy, eh?
51) can sing almost any song ever performed on Broadway; our home is not a quiet environment.
52) grew up with the name Lilice Lesinski
53) have had mail delivered to the name "Lice" and a Latin teacher who called me Lilla-che
54) prefer a pencil to a pen
55) eat breakfast most mornings at Mac Donald's - they have my "bacon and egg bagel, no butter, no sauce, half cheese" waiting for me
56) grew up in New York and always moved west to Michigan, Nebraska, Colorado (for two weeks) and British Columbia.
57) learned to knit in Brownies
58) am a better mom for having been a working mom