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April 02, 2016


Rosemary Foti

Very nice painting Li. You are so talented. Be glad your house sold quickly because it is a pain to have to live in a house that is on the market and to pick up constantly for marketing reasons.
Good Luck and Keep up your terrific painting.

Linda Bruce

Wow! Great news! Great painting too!


Ohhhh, what?.... Already?..... Congratulations! Good goin'. Best wishes for whatever is forthcoming! New adventures! Exciting! (Oops, sorry. Know you don't care for all the exclamation points. Just can't help it, sometimes).


You are lucky to have sold your house quickly, and still have time to scout out a new place.
You have captured the sweetness and curiosity of that llama!


Congratulations on a fast sale!!! Hey. If you ever need a mushy mug of a dog to paint, the Moose is the best at posing ❤

Carol King

congratulations on selling your home. That seemed pretty quick.

Love the LLama!

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