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May 28, 2009



It was well worth the wait. Gorgeous!

No!! You're not referring to Marina, are you? It's not nice to tease. Happy belated, 4th Birthday Marina ;-)

Awesome Mom



That is fantastic! It must feel great to have it finished.


Oh its gorgeous!!!


What an accomplishment -- a great reason and way to celebrate your 27th! (Though maybe stick to white wine.)



In their defense, you didn't happen to have it ON the table when they commented, did you?


Your shawl is just gorgeous! And it's out of your UFO pile. That's 2 wonderfuls!


Wow, that looks stunning! What an accomplishment!


What a wonderful job. So sorry I wasn't able to help you with the turning of the corners. The good news is that that was not your last anniversary.
I dare you to wear something with the needles still attached.


Li: That shawl is awesome. It looks like it has a little bit of pale color to the white. Is that true? It is hard to tell on the computer. It is sooooo gorgeous. Thanks for talking to me last night. I took your advice and allowed myself to rest and finally fell asleep on the couch with the TV on all night.
Imagine how lovely this would be with a pearl and/or crystal necklace. Thanks again for listening.


Wait, someone called the shawl a tablecloth?!!! Oh, no. Unacceptable.

It's so beautiful. I've always wanted to make the Print O' the Wave shawl, but since I have yet to make any shawls, I figure that this is not the one to start out with. Again, absolutely beautiful.

Jane Toumpas

I was going to say it would make a great table cloth:)


Oooooooooh. So worth the long gestation period.


Absolutely fabulous! It's on my list - maybe next year.


Gorgeous! So you'll be able to wear it for your 27th and many more!


Now that is a project to be proud of, and it has such a beautiful delicate look.
Wasn't it a great feeling to cast off the last stitch?
I take my hat off to you!!!
You can wear it for your 30th Wedding Anniversary.




What a beautiful Shawl!


That is just stunning. But it would seriously piss me off if I ordered yarn and it came in different dyelots. I'd have probably had a menopausal hissy fit.


Lovely, lovely, lovely shawl. Like life or marriage its all about making beauty from unexpected circumstances. You succeeded!


Beautiful! I haven't the guts to take on a shawl yet, but I'm a fairly new knitter and I know the time for one will happen. This is truly beautiful.


Li, it's just beautiful! I like it much better without the seam down the middle. Are you wearing it for this years anniversary?


Oh, how gorgeous, of course. I would expect nothing less, and never been disappointed.
So sorry i haven't kept up w/you, i cancelled my blog I pay for, and hadn't taken time to do another.
email and I will fill you in all the other happenings here at the zoo! :-)


It was worth the wait, its absolutely gorgeous!


Good GRACIOUS that is incredible! Nicely done, Li!

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