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May 20, 2009



It's amazing what we'll put up with, just to use our favourite yarn. Or in my case, the easier yarn to use. Next time I'm in Scotland, I will be visiting Jamieson's.

Anyway, the truncated Clap looks great. What plans do you have for the other 19?


Have you seen the book - Knitting Noro: The Magic of Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns
by Jane Ellison
It's a nice book with a few nice patterns. I did a sample piece for a shop of the knee high sock from the book. It was some fun. But I do find that if you tug a little bit to hard in some areas of the Noro yarn, it will come apart and that's not fun.


Very pretty! I love Noro, too, but those knots and wacky color changes make me a little nuts. Also the sometimes thick and thin bits. But the colors are (usually) wonderful.


The main feature of Noro yarns is the gradual colour changes. A knot with a sudden change from baby poo gold to emerald green requires a good deal of searching to find a matching colour elsewhere in the skein, followed by splicing the yarns and discarding many yards of the out-of-sequence colours.

Every time I buy Noro it's a triumph of hope over experience. At the price, it shouldn't be that way. Noro yarns are luxury products and it's time their quality control reflected this.


I agree that the price of Noro should allow for higher QC practices! Our knitting group just finished knitting claps for a knit-a-long... some people knit them in Ellie's reclaimed cashmere... to.die.for.

I like your mods... I have a cool space dyed yarn (black-gray-white transition) that I am going to try. Once I find my yarn. Damn packing!


I'm applauding your undulating Clapotis scarf.


I apologize for this, but I asked you for the herringbone rib scarf pattern, and you sent it, and the computer ate it. Or the Delete Key ate it. Could I have lost it? (Sigh).

Please send it again.


I love it! I'm currently knitting a Clap from Taiyo. Interesting that you mention that knots -- they are kind of annoying me too!


Wow! The Clap is beautiful! And I agree about Silk garden - it's worth it to cut and splice!

Lauren Santucci

I'm new to Ravelry, but I am intrigued by your herringbone rib patterned scarf and have tons of noro silk garden stash, also some manos so I would love to try it. Please send me the pattern at my email:[email protected]
Thanks so much!
Lauren Santucci

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