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April 07, 2009



This is Li's plain Jane Ellen speaking Opps I meaning typing right now. Jane Ellen must have been some popular lady in the 50's becuase right above me in my high school yearbook is Jane Ellen Lerner. I'll bet Li-lice can't say that. hee! hee! : )

Lene Lonnov

Yes, it's funny with names. My Dad decided that his children should have only one name which they should be called. Well, I am Lene - they always called me Dorte until I demanded them to use my real name; from then I was and am LENE. My oldest brother has two names: Carl Ulrik - is and was always called Ulrik, my youngest brother is Peter Michael and - big surprise - is called Michael. Finally the third boy child in the family is Jørgen and is called Jørgen. So much for Dad's will!
Love you, Lene

Sarah R

My name - Sarah - was unusual when I was growing up. I was the only one I knew of until I got to college and then there was one other Sarah. Now you can't move for tripping over little Sarahs (or Saras).

Love your Lady Eleanor. I actually have some yummy Noro put aside for one...perhaps I should get to it. You're motivating me!


I wanted to combine last names with my husband when we got married, but he didn't go for it.

Love the new L.E. -- pretty!


My name was Catherine for a few days until my mother leaned her cousin just named her daughter the same thing.

Pretty new Lady Eleanor!

Suzanne (Yarnhog)

There are none of me under my maiden name. There are two others of me under my married name. One is a singer and the other is in prison.


I like the purl stitch, of course I'm saying that, since I can't knit backwards. :o) I too thought you were of Asian background, until I got to know you better. :o) After I finished my Bliss blanket, I had enough of entrelac knitting for a while, but that was entrelac in ribbing, not so much fun.


There are a few other Lori Angela's. One is a business professional in Brazil and another is a radiologist in Pennsylvania. My flicker came up fifth. My grandmother insisted my mother name me Lori. So my mom did, but to add passive aggression to an already bad MIL relationship, I came home with the name Angie. Try answering to Lori when you didn't even know it was your name! I've never known any other Angie's, except for two geriatric teacup poodles, but now I have lots of friends with the same name and we love to drive people crazy by blaming it on "Angie".
I think Sarah has named Lady Eleanor the second "LE" (Lee/Li).
I love your name, it is close enough to Alicia or Lilly to be "normal".


Oooh... the Lady E. is just gorgeous! Are you using Noro? Would you be willing to divulge the colorway(s)?


Your first Lady Eleanor inspired me to make one for my sister, Eleanor.


Lilice is a really pretty name. Have you gotten sick of having to spell it for everyone?
Your Lady Eleanor is gorgeous but way out my depth.
My daughter has fallen in love with your herringbone scarf. Could I please have a copy of the pattern. Thanks


Hi Li,
I also have an unusual name; Carillon. I don't know anyone else with it.
I would love to have the herringbone rib pattern. What yarn do you recommend? You do beautiful work.

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