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April 26, 2009



I think he looks like a Hampton...or maybe Jeeves....the little white patch on his chest reminds me of a butler...lol.

Sarah R


My mom had a Scottie growing up by the name of Mike...he was gone long before I was born but I feel as though I knew him. He used to hear my grandfather's car drive up, run to a wastebasket and grab a piece of scrap paper and meet my grandfather at the door with it in his mouth. Pop would then chase him around the house until he gave it up. Silly dog.


Oh Li, how wonderful.
I will go over to join right now.
I haven't been on the computer much lately, haven't felt well generally , nothing that is fixable until we find the problem.
What beautiful scotties up three.


Are there many white Scotties in the group? Gracee is the only one I've ever seen. I do kind of like Dudley. The first dog hubby and I ever had was named Dudley and he was such a kick.


Love Scotties... :) Oh, I think he's a cute dog... what about Dawson?


How about Dale, River, Riverdale, Stewart (a Scottish surname) Thompson (a Scottish
clan name) How about Briar Brae which means flowering field in Scottish. They can name him Briar or Brae. They can google Scottish clan names and come up with some more.
I am now in the market for a second dog, a female. I have acclamated Max to some other dogs. I am looking for a German Sheperd about a year old. Tony has nixed Labs because they chew for like 3 years. He also doesn't want one that has to be housebroken.
PS: Everything I learned about Dog Training I learned from Ceasar Milan, The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel. He is fabulous. You can google him, Li.


I think that the Labradale should be called "Duncan".


He looks like a McTavish to me.


How about Daniel or Danny Boy?
I know it's bit on the Irish side (and that's good) but then again he's Labradale.
Good luck on finding a great name.


I've never seen a Labradale before - he looks like a very smiley dog! Our neighbour has two labradoodle pups and they are a hoot - and oddly, they don't bark.


What a fun idea for a group. I don't have a Scottie, but the college I attended has one as a mascot. Agnes SCOTT College, of course!


Oh my goodness I want that puppy, what a great combination. I don't dare show my hsuband, I'll end up with one, which I wouldn't mind that puppy is adorable.

Okay name, well I would go with a good English name, maybe Bertrum, called Bertie. Or Wooster. But then, I've been watching a lot of Wooster and Jeeves lately, and that may be clouding my mind.


Hmmm. He looks like a Star Wars Wookie to me. That would be a good name. Or Chewbacca, though naming a dog Chewie might be tempting fate just a bit.


Wow, I love everything scottie!!!! The buttons are sooooooo cute. I think they should name their dog Reilly, Paddy, (Like my cousin Paddy O'Hara). How about O'Harra, Brig, for Brigadeire, (Dont know how to spell it.) Angus (I love) McGrath or Fitz.
The scarf is lovely.


I want to make a bracelet out of scottie dog buttons.


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