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November 29, 2008



OMG I practically broke my wrists a couple of years back doing a cartwheel! I used to do one cartwheel after another when I was young; now I would not only be sick as a dog if I did that, I probably would break my wrists - or at least sprain them.
Love love love the scarf in the non-variegated yarn - think that's my next project!

Sarah R

I've often wished I could do a cartwheel -- they just look like magic to me. But since I broke my toes trying to do one at age 17, I don't think that, at age 54, there is any way there is cartwheeling in my future.

Now a water slide I think I could handle, though perhaps not with your grace and elan. It's the whole bathing suit thing that gives me pause.


What a blast!!!!!!


Thanks for an unexpected trip down memory lane. My husband and I met on a transatlantic cruise 18 years ago. He was a musician and I was a passenger. That's a story for a different day. I guess it was fate for us since the majority of the cruisers were over 80 years old (sound familiar). Seeing your photos reminded me of that life changing trip. I kept a photo album/journal and I think I'll go and dig it out now.

Go for it girl! My hubby and I outdid ourselves at a waterpark in August. I think we even tired out our children (9 and 12 years). I even have a choice photo of my hubby with an "atomic wedgie" after coming down one of those slides. Here's hoping your bathing suit was kind to you on the way down!


I love water slides - I just wish I didn't have to be in a bathing suit to enjoy them!


Such fun - Hooray for you!
I think I'll go out in the yard when it's darker and try a cartwheel.


That looks SO fun! Great!!!


I can't do cartwheels anymore, but I took the kids to the water slides this summer, and that totally took me back to being a kid again! And then I just took my 3-year-old on the skytrain today, and he had a total blast. It was a nice change from my usual skytrain commute -- he really made the experience new again for me.


I found myself on the longest highest water slide at Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney world. As I was going down all I kept thinking was WHY AM I ON HERE? When I got to the very bottom had one of those atomic wedggies, My Tankini top was over my face ( thank God for the sports bar under it!) and my ankle braclet was up to my knee. This woman is sitting there laughing at me and I said WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT? She said to sit down with her and watch the next couple of people come down. It was quit funny!


Water parks are one of my favorite activities, regardless of what I look like in a swimsuit!


Oh, I hate water slides, slides, carnival rides, anything where I am going fast and out of control. Ewrk.


You look so happy! I'm afraid I'd have to reach way back to find something from my childhood that still give me moments like that. I'll have to think on it. Does that mean I've become an old fogey?


I'd have to say tobogganing brings me back to my childhood. Not that there were an abundance of opportunities back then or even now out here on the west coast. But when there are, it's great fun.

PS-Thanks for the gift wrapping info.


That looks like so much fun! It's been a long time since I have been on a water slide.


I was born old :-(


Running through the sprinkler with grandkids is pretty reminiscent of good old times, though not nearly as thrilling as waterslides. (Do you want Greg to send his other picture of "you"?) Sitting in the hot tub this morning with snow on the trees is about as exciting as I get in a Minnesota winter.


Trail riding takes me back to a more freeedom-filled time. Since my sister bought a ranch last year, I have been given the gift of a well-trained horse and endless miles of trails whenever I visit.


Well, we have a local water park that we visit several times each summer, so I revisit the childhood many times a year. Last year Hubster was heard to say, "Are you ever going to grow up?" as he watched me walk the "balance beam" with Younger. OK, it was a parking lot speed bump! But, man am I daring or what? The one I won't do is the vertical drop. The one at Schlitter Bahn was too much.


This blog entry should be entitled "That Girl". It looks so Marlo Thomas.


Oh yes I totally get this!!!! I did 5th position in ballet a couple of months ago during Baby Girl's lesson and OMG did I feel it in my bad knee!!! I tried a cartwheel abt 7 years ago and it didn't go well and I haven't tried since!


PS Oh I forgot that my sinus was cleaned out by the spray of the water going down the slide!


You look like you're having so much fun!


Wow. That looks so fun, and you look so happy. Yes, cartwheels reminds me of my youth. No one in my group of friends could beat me at the number of cartwheels done in a row. My personal best: 11 ( I almost puked)

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