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August 13, 2008



"Yup"? Somebody likes to live dangerously! In my house, that would deserve a smack outside the head ;-)

Hmm, hasn't he met Holz & Stein or a Colonial? Come to think of it, I haven't either.

Awesome Mom

Lol! I would think that wood turning would be more expensive than knitting what with all the tools you would need. My husband teases me about my stash too and mine only takes up two book shelves.


I'm afraid to ask my Hubster the questions, especially the next to last one!


I may have to borrow that interview on BF tonight, but then again getting grunts and head movements don't translate well into written word - he's a man of few words.


I feel as if I've just won an Oscar!! This will be about the only time I'd ever come in ahead of the Yarn Harlot. I'm honored. I was reading the interview to my husband and I think I could have just inserted the same answers if I interviewed him!


I'd say he is pretty on the ball :) I sent my husband these questions and am waiting for his response. And as for your yarn store question, I went to one in downtown Duncan the other day, and will be going to Beehive in Victoria tomorrow!


Yup andNnope sums it up! LOVE the photo of my bro-in-law!


That was actually fun to read! :o))))


What an intuitive hubby, that he actually pays attention to yarn's names?? Mine would say too many to remember, or my fave changes every week. LOl.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

The fact that he can name yarns gets him an "A" in my book! (I asked my husband for some water while I was knitting on the sofa tonight, and he looked at the two yarns ends I was holding and brought me tap water, no ice, in a bowl, so that I could "spit splice" them together. Without even asking.)


What a sweetheart. He knows way more about your knitting than my husband. I went so far as to join his pipe band as a drummer! I won't ask him the questions because he's not officially aware of my blog. Maybe you should interview your son, too.


Hee hee... These interviews are cracking me up. I did one a few days ago with my husband. LOL!


He COOKS too? Don't tell him how wonderful I think he is. It might just start going to his head! :D
Love the husband interviews!!


I love his answer about knitting in public!


Ha! He thinks the house would be cleaner too. Silly men... :)


I just loved the spousal interview and he cooks too. My husband feeds my knitting habit. He has purchased needles and other assorted goodies with the help of the owner at the LYS in the past. Future gifts will be difficult since LYS has closed.


Oh, my word! That knitting in public comment is a killer! I just posted my interview with JR. These are just too funny.


Hi, I loved the interview! Wonder what my dear hubbie would have said. Also, your pictures under "Voila" are beautiful. How do I find the patterns?

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