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August 03, 2008



Bliss - for me? Debbie Bliss does come to mind, I love her stuff. But the emotional Bliss? The first moments in the hospital while holding my newborn daughters. Each had their own special time, but I remember the first one more. The second one was a very nauseous event! But still the Bliss with that delivery was watching Big Sis experience Little Sis.

toni in florida

I agree with Chris. My most clear moments of bliss were indeed when I held my two little ones (now 18 and 12) for the first time. Luckily I wasn't doped up or being stitched or anything like that, so I could really be in those moments. I've also experienced it when listening to music that moves me or when performing or when standing backstage. These are times when my heart has been so full and right and, well, blissful.


I felt the heavens open and the angels sing when I held my first baby.
Another type of bliss is on the beach in Kaui, writing reading and musing in the shade beside the house that should be mine, while my husband enjoyed his boogie board in the water. My first (and only) surfing lesson knocked me out. It sounds like the edges of exertion and relaxation.


Bliss? Waking up next to my husband every morning. And having dinner by candlelight every evening. Yes, we're corny.

And having a baby sounds anything but blissful, but that's probably why I have none of my own. :-)


Although there have been many happy moments in my life, some like my wedding were colored by nervousness and others, such as the birth of my son were colored by a great deal of physical discomfort. For me - the moment I remember of true bliss was when I walked into a tiny apartment in England and watched my son walk down the stairs and place his newborn daughter in my arms. Now THAT'S bliss!!


The birth of my 2 beautiful babies and the husband who helped me make it happen! OK you can gag but that's my bliss moment!


I would like a copy of your scarf pattern. I hope this is where to leave a comment.


blissful monents at my wedding were dancing with my Dad to the song (his choice) My Wild Irish Rose. We all thought it was the perfect song. More bliss is giving birth to my two boys and special moments when we tell each other we love each other or enjoy time together. I also loved when Tony surprised me on our fouth anniversary as we dressed for work by telling me to turn my back and then him putting on a strand of lapis beads for me to wear that day.
By the way the new hot tub will be here by end of the month. Yea.


Li, I have missed you these past several weeks! Is there bliss that is not drug or sex induced? Because I'm thinking the ultimate bliss wss probably when sex was drug induced!
Let's see, though, now that I"m a good girl, my bliss moments are when I am singing in a choir...when all of the sounds of all the parts feel like they are coming from inside of me. ( no, that is not a hallucination...if it were, I could SEE the notes coming out of my mouth)


Ditto all the baby comments. When I see my daughter-in-law nursing my granddaughter, I want to go back to those moments.

Other than that, I've had true bliss while dancing. Hip pain is now spoiling those blissful moments, but for me, dancing with a great partner to great music has been magical.

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