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May 04, 2008



My story is of the moment Hubster almost lost his ring in the ocean. We were on our honeymoon and he had lost weight in between the sizing and wedding. We went right to a jeweler and got it sized down.

I am always misplacing my rings, but usually find them. I did lose my Dad's Class Ring in a bathroom at a basketball game. I was sorry for that.


I know what you're knitting! I've been thinking about buying the pattern for awhile now that you don't have to buy the whole kit. I like the extra embellishment.

I have a ring story. My hubby likes to take his ring off when he washes his hands. And he puts it on the edge of the sink. Well, he came home from work one day and after his shower (he rides his bike), he told me he had to go back to work to get his ring? Wha???? He'd left it on the edge of the sink in the shower room. The doofus.


You're such a tease.
'See you in three days. :)

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I was scuba diving on my honeymoon when I saw a golden glint sinking into a deep chasm off the edge of an underwater cliff along which I was swimming. I instinctively reached out and grabbed it, just before it sunk out of reach, and then discovered it was my diamond wedding ring!

Five years later, I finally had it sized down until I could just barely squeeze it onto my finger, and now I can't get it off. Fortunately, I'm happily married!


My hubby went Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve one year in a snow storm. He walked from our house to a strip mall and slipped and when he landed he took his gloves off to whip the snow off of him and his wedding band ( which was his dad's with both of our wedding dates engraved inside) flew off into a snow bank! He was gone for 5 hours becasue he went and got a small shovel at the hardware store he was in front of and had made a grid with his feet on the location where he fell. He finally found the ring but I was a wreck thinking he was lost in the snow storm!


My husband is a piper, mostly Scottish and a dairy veterinarian. He got his ring from the family safe deposit box where and uncle had left it generations before because of a failed marriage. Hey, it fit and it was in good shape. But just so he doesn't have to risk buying another, he wears it on his left hand which is not involved in his work, checking for cow pregnancies.


My mother lost her diamond ring one summer, and looked everywhere for it, to no avail. She was cleaning a corner kitchen cabinet one spring years later, and while reaching way in the back corner with the wet rag, heard a little noise, and found the ring.

And a second story, this one involving someone I don't know personally. We were on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago, and had just docked in one of the port cities, everyone was coming down the gangplank into town, when one of the younger women dropped her wedding ring. It went through the grating on the stairs, into the water below, which was quite deep. They actually paid for professional divers to come out to search for it, and they did find it eventually.


No lost rings stories here, although the diamond fell out of my original engagement ring, never to be found. Thank goodness it was small! You've got me completely stumped on the project, but then I'm tired and my brain's not working too well.


Wish I had a good ring story, but I don't. Can't wait to see what the knitted project will be.


I like your alligator project. It turned out really cute.

Our first rings were matching gold bands which had twining vine with leaves cut into it reveling white gold. My ring fit well except when my hands (slender fingers and knuckles) became cold. It would then fall off my finger. I thought about having it sized a fraction of a size smaller but was told that it would distort the pattern. So I lived with it but would always listened for the ringing sound of my ring hitting a floor, sidewalk, etc. One snowy winter as I was leaving my mothers house, my ring fell off my hand as I walked towards a set of stairs that led down an embankment to the road where our car was parked. My husband and I searched for over an hour but did not find it. That spring my mother searched for my ring and finally found it near the grass near the bottom of the stairs. I was so happy. That was nearly 30 years ago and I now have a lovely diamond ring set. I still had my wedding band until about two months ago when someone broke into our house and stole all of my jewelry amongst other items. I enjoyed the other ring stories.

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