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May 24, 2008



I will be interested in hearing about IJ. It is all Aden talks about. He probably has every new IJ Lego set imaginable and spends hours working on them. I doubt I will take him to see this movie, as he is only 7 years old but I need my decision verified by you.

Lovely colors on the above photograph! I did get the Dart book! So I need to learn how to knit......


I just played that game with the kids and stupid me gave them 3 truths. I thought " water ballet " was so out there that it couldn't possibly be true! Then I remembered I actually did that. Help me I am getting old and can't remember what I have done in my early life! Love that word dearticulated but don't like the meaning!


I may have to stop reading your blog. First the creeping eye nightmares, now disarticulated feet!


As a fellow Vancouverite who's grimly tickled by the whole foot thing, I'd like to cast my vote for med school pranking. Actually, I don't think it's med students, but someone else associated with a (the? UBC's the only one, I think) med school who's responsible for dealing with post-dissection cadavers, consider - everyone is gonna be looking for bodies with missing feet, and I'm pretty sure med schools are very particular and protective of donated bodies for educational use _pre_ study. Afterwards, someone has deal with cremating them, and that's the perfect time & place to ... well... pull someone's leg.

It's been years since I took stats, but the only body parts of 4 people in a plane crash to wash up being 4 feet, no, 4 _right_ feet? I don't think so.


We played that game last time we had a power cut. Weird about the feet though.


My parents live on Vancouver Island and I read the Times Colonist online sometimes to catch up on their news and I saw that story about the feet - freaky!


Son #2 and I have standing dates for the Harry Potter movies. Lots of fun to connect with them. It gets a little difficult during this period. The way-wierd news has reached out way too as we share some of the same water ways. That is indeed very, very freaky! I had heard the theory about the medical students, but let's hope that's the case.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

My kids are desperate to see the new IJ movie, but it is rated PG-13 and they are 8 and 10. I am so irked by all the movie makers making kid-oriented movies that are rated PG-13. They might as well be rated R. It's not like they actually need the extra sex and violence to get the point across. Even the last two Harry Potter movies were rated PG-13, and you can't tell me they're not intended for kids under 13. I spent the half of the last one with my hand over my younger son's eyes. It really pisses me off.


I have a feeling you may be needing some kind of storage space for new yarn. A Pod, perhaps? That way they could deliver it to your house and you could fill it with yarn as you get it. Now there's a lie I wish were the truth! Man o Man! By the way, my 18 yr old son's graduation is also in serious question. What fun, right? Just what I need...more stress.



I think the weirdes thing is that our police force is considering that the 4 feet "may" be linked. Hmmm. I've read too much Kathy Reichs: I think it's some kind of underworld message. If I don't wear sneakers, I should be safe.


Ok, I live in CT and on the way to work this morning and the radio station I listed to hinted at a news story about a foot. I had to drive slower to make sure I heard it before I went into work. It was the story about the feet washing ashore.

I had it on my mind all day that I had to come home and let you know that the story is traveling.


I've just read the head lines. With all the weird news, I might not stop shaking my head all day. I'm dizzy already.

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