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February 14, 2008



I will have to try that scarf tying method, never seen it before so thank-you.
ps. Grace is such a sweetie, makes me want to reach into the screen and giver her a big cuddle. lol!


What a good doggie that Gracie is! She could of won Best in Modeling at the Westminster Dog show this week in NYC for sure! Snow nose and all! Thanks for the scraf tying lesson. I know just the scarf to use..... the one you made me!

Terri D.

Thanks for the tips (and Gracee is stylin').


I'm so going to try that way of tying the scarf when I go out today - love it! Gracee is a great model!


I'm usually a wrap-arounder but I'll try that new way. :)

And *this* is why we have dogs! hahahaha Good Girl Gracie!


Awwww... she did so good :)


I can't believe Gracee sat still for all of that. I hope she got a doggie treat when she was done. I'm definitely going to try that new way. I'm a complete dork when it comes to scarves. I can knit them, but I have trouble carrying them off with panache! Unlike Grace.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabamac

Awwww.....what a PERFECT model for your scarf!!!!


I'm a loop-de-looper, mostly, but I do love your neato variation, and I'm going to try that!


I just love looking at your site especially when your dog is in it. That is the cutest dog I have ever seen. My dashund would never sit still to model a scarf. My pictures of him is always a blurrrrrrrrrrrrr.


I love her look in the first picture. The way this scarf is wound, is very pretty. Our dogs noses don't get back to black during summer. Biko has freckles on her nose. Gracee is a very good dog, so patient! Give her a treat for me, please! :o)

Linda B.

I hadn't noticed that the loop de looper was the official CBC scarf-tie. I will have to try the more complicated version. Where IS that really long scarf....

Linda B.

Found that scarf - a much too long Clapotis! Thank you SO much! With that knot, I'll be able to actually wear it. Now if I can just remember how to do it without turning on the computer!


Things I didn't know I needed to know. This will help with my clapotis too.


What a very obliging model...I love the expression on the final shot.

And a "thank you" for the tutorial on a new (to me) scarf tying technique.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I may have to knit a scarf just so I can try that. (Scarfs are neither necessary nor a fashion accessory around these parts, but that's such a cool tying technique that I may start a new trend.)


I love the looks on her face! And that last technique is very nice. Pretty scarf, too.


It's 4:30 AM and I'm in my nightie and just had to try the new and improved loop method! It's perfect! I love how it lies flatter than the regular loop way.

wendy g

Thanks for the scarf tying lesson! Gracee makes a wonderful model too.


The CBC method is quite popular in NYC. I'm loving the more complicated version - maybe I'll start a new trend here in the Big Apple. Thanks!


that has got to be one of the best models i've ever seen! great work and great instructions, both of you!


OMG,how much she looks like Bree here..
and I missed the dog show again this year.. I thinks its my id that made me.. too many channels and knowing that how much I missed Bree on my bday. (it always falls around my bday, the dog show.)
she is being good also.

Carrie K

Dubious looks maybe but an excellent model! And awesome information on the scarf knot tying which I lack.


Oh that Gracee, what a sweetie! Cool way to tie the scarf.


What expressions that Gracie is displaying. She looks just like a kid.


I love your dog, she's so pretty! Thanks for the scarf tying lesson...us hicks down here in NC never do more than drape one around our necks!;->



Thanks for the tying tip !
And Gracee really is the cutest model ever !


Try giving Ms. Snow Nose dome kelp flakes on her food. It works on Westies.


Love your model Gracie. Thanks for a new way wear a scarf.


Thanks for the great info - I'm always looking for a fun new way to tie a scarf! =)


Thank you for sharing your scarf tying technique.
You have a very lovely model there.


love that last scarf-tying method. just tried it with an unsatisfactorily short scarf that i knit, and it looks perfect with the fancy knot ^_^. now i can gift the scarf to a friend, along with instructions on how to tie it. thanks for sharing!

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