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February 18, 2008



I know what you mean. I'm not ready to make another clapotis right now, but it is a relatively simple pattern. I've never had much success with KALs - I think I am too competetive for them.


You're not the only one late to the party. I am working on my first one right now too.


I would do another. My first is a bamboo one that I love but it's really not that practical for winter. Yes, it did get really boring, but there is something about the drape and look of the stitches and the final product is beautiful. There are many yarns that I have envisioned as a second one.


Keep an eye on the length as you knit because it can turn out larger than you think sometimes. My friend knit one and it turned out into a Clapoghan (or Clapotent, or Clapotwo, we made up all sorts of great names for it.) For a good laugh, check it out: http://kokorules.blogspot.com/search?q=the+clap+unveiled


Li - for you today, I'm going to add my Herringbone Rib scarf. I've been bad about adding my old projects to Ravelry but I'm going to hunt up those photos and get it on there. Mine was one of the very first for heaven's sake!


Done! :)


The top 100! I'm quite impressed. Especially when you consider how many patterns there are out there. I still haven't made Clapotis, but it does intrigue me. I think it's the dropping stitches - how cool to have permission!


You don't have to do it all by yourself. There's a "come as you are", "work at your own pace" KAL here: http://secondwaveclapotis.blogspot.com/


I found a site that gives you directions for doing the clapotis by twisting the stitches on either side of your dropped stitch. I tried it and it made a world of difference in how the stitches look on either side after you drop the stitch. Here's the site:


It's really cool and there are loads of tips here too.


I, too, love the Clapotis. I have made two and wear them often. My first was definitely too big. I have your herringbone scarf in my queue, too, but, alas, am so far behind on Ravelry that I don't even feel like updating.


Your Herringbone Scarf is beautiful. I'd love to be a Herringbone Ribster. I saw Beth's lovely scarf and I'd like to knit your beautiful pattern. I'd be one more Herringbone Scarf to get you to the top 100 scarves on Ravelry. :)

btw, I just completed my first Clapotis last week.



I started my Clapotis so long ago I don't even remember how I did it. It's probably going to be big enough to be a tent. Super bright Noro Kureyon. I don't know what I was thinking.


Love, Love your Herringbone Scarf! I saw your scarf
and would love to knit it. Please send me the pattern. Thanks, Vera


I love that yarn...very pretty. Your Clapotis will be lovely.



Just finished mine not that long ago, so I guess I was late too. The yarn you are using is georgeous.


Oh, wait, a party?? I never got my invite.. Ya I belong to ravelry, but havent been properly introd'd yet.. well, havent' taken the time.. haha..
ook, maybe i will join you. just have to destash. As i am not sure I have the yarn.. or maybe I do.. got to look at what type I need.. I sort of have an idea...


Haven't had the urge to knit this one yet. I like how your yarn turned out knitted. And - you are funny! Made me smile so early in the morning! :o)

Terri D.

I too, am having a clap party, slogging along at my own pace. If you're on Ravelry, check out the "How Do You Pronounce Clapotis" group for ongoing companionship--lots of examples, hints and quite a few laughs.


I just finished my first one myself! Its really a nice pattern and a very versatile end product. In fact I have some yarn that I think will make a second one sometime this year.

Joan in Reno

I love your dog. I have had Scotties for ages, but never a Wheaten. Her expressions are adorable. It looks like she has a super personality.


I just made my first ClapOTee... and I love it. Super soft, keeps me warm...looks great. Yes, yarn eater, yes... repetitive. But, honestly--- so are most scarves and sweaters and afghans.


I haven't made a Clap* yet, I just don't stockpile the yarn in sufficient quantities, but then again, I seem to remember some WW upstairs. I may just join you.


If you need help, give a shout. (You helped with my vest!) I used Yahoo for help but didn't use the Excel charts or anything. I did end up with stitch markers (after a lousy first attempt at counting) and would do the next with a purl TBL for speed-sake.


I haven't done this one yet, either, so you're not the last! I might get to it someday. Your choice of yarn is a gorgeous color!


I've made two; I bought yarn for a third at the Northern Michigan Sheep and Lamb festival. I have found it to be one of the most versatile items (and most worn itmes) in the accessories category. I did both out of a Blue Heron one of a kind hand dyed rayon. I actually had an offer from someone on the subway to buy it off my back!!


I'd like to help put the herringbone scarf one place higher on the Ravelry list! :-)

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