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March 02, 2007



That would have been a great story for those men to tell if you had ended up skinny dipping in their pool ;-)


The top of my body is still attached, thank you very much. Thanks again for "telling it like it was."


Too bad you didn't get to stay in the men's mud pool...could've been fun. ;)


Oh, you are making me long to go visit this place. Only problem is the plane I need to take to get there! the stories are wonderful, keep them coming.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama:  Darlene

OMG....the VISUALS of you being in the "manly" section of the mud baths!!! LOL!! How FUNNY!!! Glad there was no need to "erode thee" from the building!! LOL!!


Can I get the Herringbone scarf pattern? Just came across it and I really like it. Great blog - I'll be a regular reader. Thanks!


This is hilarious! Reminds me of reading the manuals for electronics items. Or our trip to Spain. On the table at a restaurant in Granada, "Paradores offers you different adapted zones to fit your exigencies. We verified that the area that you choose is suitable to your necessities." And on a card on the bed in a hotel in Madrid, reminding us we could buy the robes and not have to steal them, "Dead guests..."


Cheese mouse! Yummy! Hope they strained out the little feet and tails first!


lol...well it sound like your having loads of fun, language differences and all. I do know a couple of people though that I would love to erode from the building :)


Great Lost in Translation story. I was in Israel and met a young man who wanted to try out his English on me. I agreed as long as I could try out my Hebrew on him! Hilarity ensued!!!!

Oh, may I please get a copy of the Herringbone scarf pattern? I'd love to knit it up for my International Scarf Exchange partner.




Hi. Greetings from Calgary. Just found your blog through a link from another blog (someone who made your herringbone rib pattern scarf ---- gorgeous by the way!). I really enjoyed a good laugh when reading about the language mix-ups during your trip to Slovakia. I wonder if you would mind sharing you herringbone rib pattern with me. Thanks very much. Debbie

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

I came her looking for the scarf (is it in the sidebar?) and found this funnier than fun post, Lost in Translation ... oh my I'm still laughing. Well you not only had a good time, but you had something to write about, tehe. Thanks for the laugh!

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