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February 26, 2007



Li, thannk you for the precise description of the wonderful mud pack - I miss it even more now! As I miss you and Ellen. And Piestany, of course.
Love, Lene

wendy g

What a wonderful experience! I bet it was hard to come home to the real world.


OK, I couldn't do that. I don't doubt it was wonderful but all the nekkidness! My prude gene would assert itself. :)


NONE of us look like supermodels out of our clothes - not even they do without their air-brushing. Time, age and conditions take their toll on our bodies. They are what they are, clothed, unclothed. It sounds like a wonderful experience.


I prefer mud to eighteen inches of snow!


It sounds like heaven!


I love your blog, and I would love a copy f your herringbone rib scarf.


ooh..I love the sound of all the treatments..except for the wrapping up like a burrito - I get claustraphobic!
Question, oh master knitter friend - I'm making Not Just Plain Jane Knits Renaissance Shawl and she calls for each row to start and end with K1S. Her description is knit a selvedge stitch. ???


Wow Li: Does your skin look radiant after all of that European Health Spa Time? It sounds like you are rejuvenated. I am looking forward to Pebble Beach and Munich this year. I get American Spa Time when I go.

Lori Corman

I can't imagine being treated to something like this...:) how wonderful. I'm a friend of Barb's (Accidentproneknitter) I'd like a copy of your herringone rib pattern...gonna give it a try...:) Hers turned out so beautiful Have a GREAT Day! Lori

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama:  Darlene

Hmmmm, seems I remember a similar incident involving mud but we were kids at the time....and I'm quite sure the mud wasn't warmed and we probably didn't get our shower until we had gotten our spanking.....but sounds like an AWESOME thing to experience.....uh...yours, not mine!! LOL!!

denise in c'ville, va

hi, i found your scarf while googling manos patterns ... may i get a copy of the pattern?
thank you


It all sounds so wonderful, so soothing and warm.


i would like to buy the pattern for the herringbone rib scarf .


OH gosh that sounds absolutely heavenly. My body aches all over thinking about it. Hmmm, there's a pig/cow bog on my way home, there's lots of mud, somehow I don't think it'd be the same.


That sounds wonderful!! You lucky girl!! I'll dream of doing this someday!! I'm glad you were able to enjoy this time and relax.


Oh my. My SIL and I are looking for a spa, this might be just the place. If I might ask, what was the name of the spa that you stayed at?


It sounds like it was a wonderful holiday. All that wonderful mud and food!


The trip sounds wonderful, and so relaxing! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.


wow. i had never heard of hot mud baths before! sounds like it was wonderful though!

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