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February 03, 2007



Gorgeous!!! Both the vest and the pin... Actually I don't know which one I like better LOL. I'll be on the lookout for those pins!!!

Cheers Eva


The vest and pin are fantastic! The vest looks very flattering; I'll have to check for that pattern. Cute thread story - ain't it the truth?


Great story. The best is beautiful and I do love that pin. It makes a perfect closure for your vest.


Very pretty vest and I love the pin!!


You certainly can't shove tree trunks into plastic containers! Lovely vest and the pin is just right with it.


Love the vest and pin! I really laughed out loud about the thread comment by your friend - $100 or no it's $1000! LOVE THAT!

Let me know how I can purchase one of those pins from Chuck :)

Nadia Lewis

The colour of the vest is amazing! And the pin is so simple yet unusual. They make a great combo.


Beautiful Vest and Shawl Pin. I totally think your Chuck should get right on selling them online - I'm a pin maker myself (metal) and I'm on Etsy. I don't know if Chuck wants to go that way or his own web site - but this worked out well for me, so far. Good Luck and much success! - it's a beautiful, unique item and it's just perfect for that vest!


Love the story about the thread. Hysterical! Great vest and great pin!


h!! Can we get a big announcement when he goes live with the merchandise!!! I love the vest, must investigate the pattern. And the pin just makes it better. That's a great idea for those 1 button garments.


I read the thread story to hubby and he laughed - all too knowingly, I might add. His stash is aluminum cans - he builds and sells model planes made from them. So my stash squashes into tight places a little better!


Both are just lovely!


Very cool vest!


Wow, love that vest!! It was a kit obviously..great pin too, you are both very talented. Can't wait to see the pins on line.


What a beautiful vest....that is an excellent color on you, I am sure!


Hilarious stash story! Yes. we'll need that stash when we're as retired as we can be in this day and age of no more pension plans from your company. Love the color of the vest - and gotta have that pin - let me know when they're going on sale!


That vest and pin would go beautifully with my bowl that I bought from Chuck! I could see myself now at my P-chef shows with that combo. My birthday is coming up. hee! hee!


So beautiful and the pin is amazing. My husband works with wood, too, but I think a cabinet door would be too large as a pin.


Now that person with the thread couldn't have been Mary, could it?

Love the vest and the pin!


Both the pin and the vest are wonderful. I'd love it if my spouse were a bit crafty, too. As it is he spends most of his free time with his xbox 360 :)

On the Red Scarf Project site I saw a scarf made from your Herringbone Rib pattern and I loved it. Any chance that I could get a copy of the pattern?


Wow! it did turn out great! I haven't started mine yet... waiting to finish up my current project. Keep me posted on those pins though!! Very nice!! :)


Beautiful vest and pin! My hubby knows a little too well about the value of my stash. Oh well...he likes to buy biking supplies.


Any chance of a photo of you wearing the lovely vest with the lovely pin? Thanks.


The vest is gorgeous and the shawl pin would be nice as a hair pin also. Tell Chuck to make some scottie, golden and lab wooden pins. He could burn in the design if it takes too long to cut the animal shape. It was great talking with you tonight. I saw the movie "The Queen" the other night. It was just luke warm. I don't know why it is getting rave reviews. I want to see "Dream Girls" next.


Ahhhh...I get it...he doesn't say anything to you about your yarn, so you won't say anything to him about his wood and vice-versa. I have the same arrangement with my DH re: his books. Too funny about the thread:) That vest is gorgeous. Will have to look into it. What size did you make?



NICE! I've seen the vest on their blog and liked it. The pin as well! I would need one anyway. ;o)

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama:  Darlene

Great Vest!!! I can identify with the "husband/stash" issue!!! LOL!!!!


Just wanted to say that that is a gorgeous color for the vest and I LOVE the pin! Be sure to let us know when he starts selling them. They would make great gifts for my mom and aunt.


I was checking out your celetic vest that you made. It is absolutely gorgeous but for slender arm people. It would be too small for us "full bodied" big armed folks like your friend Rosie after 50.


What a lovely vest and pin combo! I also would like to know when the pins will be available because I wear pins all the time and don't yet have one for my knitted goodies. Your vest has inspired me to start thinking seriously about making an actual garment - it's beautiful!


OK, I have decided to sign up for a knitting class. Here is what we have in Sacramento, a store called Rumplestiltskin, http://www.yarnyarnyarn.com/. I cannot wait to start!!


The vest is great...and the pin, too. You've got to contend with tree trucks, my guy has computer parts and wires and do-dads I can't even identify. It's always something! I'd love the herringbone rib pattern once you're back.


What a great story about the thread! I love your vest. It looks so warm and soft.

Eunice Duininck

The vest is great. I am going to go look for the pattern.
I would love a copy of your herringbone rib knit scarf. I saw it on
another blog and followed it here. Thanks


Love your vest! Did you have a problem with the pattern repeat under the xecond armhole, using only Y1? I kind of lost the pattern for a moment, K1, P1 and K all didn't seem to make the same pattern as it did with two alternating Ys.
Love the pin too!


I love the herringbone rib scarf! Could you possibly send me the pattern?

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