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January 30, 2007



Did Chuck use his new PC fish turner for that drug free salmon? By the way drug free salmon sounds like it went to rehab before being sold. hee! hee! PS Tried knitting on those circular knitting needles. YIKES! Can't keep count for the life of me. Back to knitting my boring scarfs. BYE!


Your weather is like Margene's, eh? I think that photo would make a perfect yarn color combo.


Evil ;-) Another store that sells both J & S and Jamieson! How come I didn't know about that when I was in Vancouver? I would have traveled for yarn ;-)


The soft pearly gray scene would make a great yarn too.


I love the sign! And I'm a bit relieved that it wasn't written in black marker on a piece of cardboard ripped from a carton -- those signs always make me nervous.


I Love the Herringbone Scarf and would be so very grateful if I could have the pattern...I have some beautiful wool, black,grey,pink and a hint of red that I think would look perfect with this pattern....

Thanks sooooo much!



Ah yes...you know what I'm talking about! The mountains should be visible as they are so close, but today they have disappeared behind the gloom and smog. Hope your world is brithter soon!

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama:  Darlene

Well thank GOODNESS you two aren't into the drugged wild salmon lifestyle!! LOL!! Gorgeous pictures....what a beautiful place you live in!!


Oh what amazing pictures. I love the picturs of the boats. I'm going to have to show my husband.


That would be an absolutely beautiful colorway. No - See it's like this..it's not a yarn store it's a basket store they just have the yarn there to show what you can use the baskets for. Think it'll work??


Hi Li,

Oooh, I haven't been to Wool and Wicker in ages. I went to the 2 shops on Main street and the one on 4th and Urban Yarns on 10th Ave when I was in Vancouver over Christmas, but didn't make it to there. I did go to the yarn shop in the Yaohan Centre in Richmond. I was too shy to suggest that we meet over yarn, but maybe the next trip I'll get up the courage. Could I have the pattern for your lovely scarf, please? Thank you.


Such a pretty sunrise(set?) picture! Definitely would be lovely colors for one of your beautiful scarves... The Herringbone Rib Reversable scarf is my favorite, any chance you'd be willing to share the pattern you used with me?? Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


I never go to Wool & Wicker just for that reason - the "by colour" organizing is a bit much for me to figure out what I want - mind you I also got poor treatment when I went in there the one and only time I've ever been so I don't want to go back.

Beautiful pics!!!


Li, I saw your beautiful herringbone scarf over at Sandy's Knitting blog. May I please have a copy of it. dmhaskins35@yahoo.com. Thanks,

Dee fm KS

Terri McCormick

I would like to request a copy of your herringbone rib scarf.

Thank you,


Maxine Schollenberger


Barb P. is a personal friend. She showed me the scarf that she made from your pattern. Would you be willing to email the pattern? Thanks so much!


Beautiful Fishing Village Pics. Great colorway, too!



hope you had a nice day out there, i followed the link to wool and wicker, wow yarn is much more expensive in canada than it is in Germany.
By Lilian


Li: CondeNast Travel Magazine is having a contest where they will give you a $20,000 trip of your dreams and plan it down to all the details. To enter contestants write to them where would their dream trip would take you and they want a sentence or two about it. They also want you to upload a picture of somewhere you have photographed when you traveled. I entered already and plan on seeing if I can enter again. Look for the CondeNaste Travel Magazine website. A local kitting store is closing and they are having a big sale. (They sent me a post card.) I have to check out the website and then I will forward it to you. The store is called Knitting Together in Stamford, CT.

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