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December 11, 2006



Yes these 'zombie" ladies came from outer space becuase thier mission was to teach everyone of us this strange craft of thiers. They had this glazed look on them as they insisted that everyone in the room learned. When the last person had her lesson they left the building I assume to thier waiting mother ship to take them back to the beyond. Personally I like to use knitting needles!


Love your creations! A friend asked for a scarf using camo yarn. I think your ribster pattern would be awesome for the yarn.. I would love a copy!


I found your link from a blog. someone was raving about the ribster scarf and I had to come and see it for myself. It is really cool. May I have a copy please?


I'm thinking that if I was needless, I'd find some twigs or something to use. I can be resourceful in a pinch.

crazy for yarn in alabama

I'm with you on the "visual" of knitting without needles!! LOL!! Scarf looks great....and hey.....living in blogland isn't such a bad thing! LOL!!!


I love the yarn you used on your scarf. I'd love to knit one for myself--can you send me the pattern too? Thanks!!


I always heard great things about Elann. Great customer service always makes my day.


I too found the scarf from Sandy's blog and would love to have a copy of the pattern - it's gorgeous, as are the rest of your FOs! Thanks for being willing to share. :)


Would you be so kind as to pass along the diagonal rib scarf pattern? I have Lamb's Pride Superwash worsted in a beautiful plum color, and I'm looking for a pattern to make a scarf for a friend. Thanks.

And I hope the lab results turn out not to be a problem. I'll be thinking about you.

Susan Cannizzaro

I just love your scarf. I would love to make one for myself, for a change!! I would like the pattern,please. Thanks so much.


LOL...I pictured women knitting with their pointer fingers too. I prefer sticks (how do you reach for your Coke with yarn all over, not to mention other things...)

Oh happy day! I heard that Urban Yarns was opening in Edgemont soon. That's closer to me (in Port Moody) than downtown, and very close to a good friend of mine. Yarn Crawl!



your page is wonderful, would love a copy of your scarf pattern!!


SeeJayneKnit (comment above) posted on the Elann Chat Center about your blog and the lovely scarf. I'd love a copy of the pattern, since I make more scarves than just about anything else, and I'm always looking for new patterns. You have a great blog!


And it's a wonderful place, blogland...How is ds by the way...no more trouble with his piercing I hope...lol. Check out what I've been up to lately on my blog...have a very merry Christmas, Li.


Your scarf is wonderful! May I please have a copy of your pattern? I found my way here by way of blogland. Would love to make a pink one as a gift for a friend dealing with the big C.

Elizabeth D

Sandy's blog led me here, and yes, I'd like to have a copy of the herringbone scarf pattern. I have red yarn ready and waiting. . . thank you!


You are a celebrity now! :) Can I have the pattern too pretty please. I have the perfect handspun for it.

Oh btw, I want to live there too! I bet appliances don't break down all the time there!


Your scarf looks great! May I have a copy of the pattern? The finger knitting doesn't look like much fun... what if you have to answer the phone?! LOL I bet they don't have car troubles in blogland either...


Hi Li: Are the fingerknitters scientologists? Ha. Ha. I've been busy getting ready for the holidays. I will send you a personal e-mail as to what has been happening. I have around 26 people coming for Christmas Eve.

Pat Morger

Hi! I love your blog! I think your herringbone pattern is just SO awesome! May I please have a copy of the pattern??? Happy holidays, and happy knitting! Pat


Congratulations on the success and popularity of your pattern! It really is a great one, and you are a dear for sharing it.


Your scarf is gorgeous. Please share the pattern.........Lynnette


Herringbone rib is a gorgeous pattern. I just saw it for the first time today and would love a copy of the pattern if you are still sending them out. I have some yarn in my stash yelling to me about it's waited all it's life for a pattern like that. :D


I love your scarf and would be most pleased if you would share it with me.

All good wishes for the new year.


I'd love to have your beautiful herringbone scarf pattern!
Thank you

Betty Ann

Love your site. I would love a copy of the herringbone scarf pattern if you are still sending it out.
Thank you.


I hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy Knit Year and to ask for a copy of your herringbone scarf pattern.
thank you!


I hope you are still willing to email this pattern. It's lovely and would be perfect for some hand dyed yarn I recently purchased.

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