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December 19, 2006



oh, sweet sweet gracie.. hugs to her. ya,I am betting on the pred. Gosh I take antiimmune(like pred) and my behavior is odd :-) Bree likcs the bed spred till you swear she had an accident there.. but that leg thing..


Poor Gracie, she really didn't have a good start, did she? But at least, she has you and the family.

Poor Marina! I don't think she's convinced that a vest doesn't qualify as a "major project" even though it can be done in a weekend.


Hmm, that must be tough eating like that. She must have good balance.

I'm sorry to hear your fund raiser did so poorly because of the storm. Maybe there are a lot of last minute shoppers out there this year and you guys can catch up a little.


Poor Gracie. What a history! How lucky she is to find such kind owners. Having met Gracie, I never noticed any odd behaviors - she was a little standoffish - another Scottie trait, I think. But she otherwise seemed fairly normal. I hope you recover soon from the storm. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


What an adorable dog. I would like a copy of the herringbone rib scarf pattern please.

Thank you.

crazy for yarn in alabama

Poor Gracie.....how lucky she is that you adopted her!! I think there is a special place in heaven for those that take care of any special need pets!! I hope there will be enough time for the businesses to recoup from the power loss before Christmas!!!


What a touching story! It always brings tears to my eyes when I read stories like that. I'm so glad she found you as her family!


Oh sweet Gracie, I'm so glad she found you. I like special need animals because so many will just toss them aside.

Can't wait to see your weekend vest!


This storm's bad timing has had such a negative impact on everyone. :(

Ear scratches to Gracie - poor girl is so lucky to have you.


OMG, that picture of Gracie had me rolling!

It could be that the bowl is too low. Perhaps if you would get one of those supper dish stands they sell at pet stores it might help her.

But I gotta tell you, that pose would be a constant source of amusement in my house.


okay, you tried the raising of the bowl already (it helps if La reads the entire post BEFORE commenting)

Sounds like she was a lucky girl to find you. And I'm sure you're feeling pretty lucky too. What dog is more loved than Grace?


Licking the carpet - our Keeshond would do that and Vet said it was because he was bored. I wonder if Gracee has a pinched nerve that makes her stick her leg out when she leans her head down. Probably thinking too much of my own physiology.

I love the Celtic Vest - have fun. Hope your power is staying on.


Gracie lifts her leg up like women use to lift their pinkies up when they drank tea. (Remember my Dad telling us about that in earlier times.) The vest is cute but make it a little longer please to hide my extra weight. If you want to check out a cool celtic site check out www.Tara.com. They have crystal celtic claddagh tiaras for weddings and communions. They also have Irish traditions for weddings. Apparently they use to and still do wrap a couples hands in the family tartans when they recite their vows. That is where the term "Tying the Knot" comes from. Sorry about your fundraiser, etc. Why not do a Swarovski crystal party and sell the stuff all year round. People can decorate cell phone covers, combs, barrets, lucite bangles, gloves, sun glasses, plastic or leather flip flops... whatever with swarovski crystals and sell them for good money. You don't even need to use that many crystals to make a lovely look. You can either glue gun and/or buy one of those things that attach the crystals to fabric. You could design and decorate jean jackets and sell them.


Gracee is cute as a button. She's lucky to have a good family like yours to love her.


That picture of Gracee is great. Yesterday we had to put our dog to sleep. He had cancer and we didn't even know until yesterday. He went down hill so fast. Give Gracee a big hug. Their little quirks make them even more loveable!


Ok, I loved the pic of Gracee and the leg extension...but I have to wonder if one of your other commenters wasn't on target. A lot of times, at least in humans, a head injury can also mean neck/back trauma, which, because of the head injury, usually goes undiagnosed...perhaps a doggie chiro (if they have those).
I was sorry to hear about the storm...that just sucks on ALL accounts.
I think the blog name "stealing" bothers you because you put time and effort into coming up with something original, and then some lazy ass came along and took it. I had to change m blog name cuz I didn't leave Blogger...if I had left blogger, I'd have kept it the same, but since it's mine, I can say that...lol.
Hope the storm releases y'all from it's clutches soon...have a very merry Christmas, Li.



How lucky Gracee is to have a loving and caring family. I would also love a copy of your herringbone scarf pattern. Many thanks and Merry Christmas!


Gracie is adorable! And I agree about the little quirks that make them special. My theory about the leg thing is that when she was learning to eat, maybe the head injury threw off her sense of balence and that she learned to compensate by jutting her leg out. Then it became a habit and now she just does it.

As for the carpet licking...I have worked with kids who lick surfaces that are highly textured (carpets, walls, even the shower floor) and they do not have pica. They do have sensory integration disorder which causes them to seek stimuli that their brains crave but do not get enough of. Come to think of it, odd postures are often related to sensory dysfunction in the area of balence. So if this is true, Gracie isn't "neurotic" (A term most psychologists no longer use), but is actually quite smart at figuring out what her sensory needs are and has learned to compensate the best she can! Clever doggie! Give her a hug from me!


She is just too darn cute! And I think her little "quirk" is charming! Our dacshunds can't look up at us without lifting one leg from the floor, I guess it's because they are so squat, that lifting the leg gives more freedom in their necks? Who knows?? Merry Christmas!


Whoops! Sorry about that. It's binns17ATyahooDOTcom.
I have a cat who has some neurotic behaviors as well. She was neglected for the first several months of her life. She's quite beloved in our little household!


We have a special needs cat, who also had a head trauma at a very early age. She now has seizures every so often and we treat her with chinese herbal meds. They seem to work somewhat! Anyway...Stella (cat) can also be a bit violent but we adore her for all her special qualities.

Merry Christmas to all of your family but especially to Gracie and all animals who found their forever homes.


Poor Gracee. LOL about the "neurotic behavior". It could be worse. The few times I had to take prednisone (asthma and pneumonia) the stuff darn near killed my family. How? It puts me in a murderous state for absolutley no reason. I am told it is akin to "steriod psychosis" that drug abusing bodybuilders tend to get. At least it hasn't turned her into a killer scottie. She is a darling.


Oh that funny Gracee! I didn't realize her sad history. She seems like one happy, if eccentric, pup now that she's part of your family.

Judy Kufahl

Hi, we adopted a 'special needs' Scottie back in July. Archie was kept outside, day and night, for three years. He's a wonderful dog with a super-sweet personality, even after that abuse. Now he's an inside-only guy, and loves it! He had no trouble adjusting to that at all.

I would love a copy of your herringbone rib scarf pattern. Today, January 22, 2007, is my first visit to your blog.



Love the herringbone rib scarf. you should really post the pattern for me and others. That would be awesome.


Grace is beautiful... I´m happy she found your family.

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