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December 03, 2006



Wow, what an adventure this trip will be!


Yep, Bratislava is just as fun to say first thing in the morning sans wine. What an unusual opportunity!


It's okay, Li -- no one can resist Elann.com. Canadian, ultra-fast and cheap! It's an unbeatable combo.


Oh you lucky thing! It looks wonderful. Great way to celebrate 30 years and even better if your come home with your "ambulatory apparatus" working better!


Nothing much better than getting Yarn in the mail. I have that book and too love the hat on the cover. Haven't had a chance to make it yet but soon I hope.



Still waiting on you to visit us here in New England. You would LOVE our warm weather and no snow. Enjoy your trip with yoour sister in law!


Hi, I hope you have a nice trip to the Spa. I am looking forward to my first visit to Germany in the spring. In fact, I haven't been to Europe since I was 17 years old. In January I hope to go to Florida for a long weekend to see Betsy's new house on a pond with alligators.


Oh my! I didn't even know dreams of Bratislava lurked in there! How exciting. So, what's the weather in Slovakia in February? I guess it can't be much worse than November in Vancouver, eh?


I found your blog through Sandy's Knitting and love your scarves. Would you send me a copy? Thanks in advance.


I, too, just found your site through Sandy's Knitting, and I'd *love* to get my hands on that lovely herringbone scarf pattern.

(And Lady Eleanor is just *beautiful*!!)


Oh I'm so excited for you! How fun! I know your going to have a fabulous time.

Oh, those Elann newsletters are very, very dangerous! I'm thinking of ordering some yarn for an afghan for my house. It's a dangerous thought.


Congratulations and I hope you have lots of fun exploring and sight seeing. If I remember you have some back problems same as I. Keep your "ambulatory apparatus" ambulating.


I just stopped by to look at your Herringbone Rib scarfs. Wonderful pattern, especially for variegated yarns. As I have quite a lot of those Uruguayan yarns (from 100purewool.com) I'd love to get your pattern. I think I'd wip up a very manly scarf for my son in some black and grey yarn. I hope it's alright that I ask for the pattern so directly. Thanks a lot. Christine
P.S. I hope you'll blog about your trip to Bratislava, I'd like to read about your ambulatory apparatus being well moved, lol.

crazy for yarn in alabama

What a trip!!! I can't imagine traveling to a foreign country!!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see what "yarn treasures" you find!!


You're going to have a GREAT time! Helene, a friend, has been going to the Piestany Spa for thirty years and absolutely LOVES the R&R, treatments, pampering, etc. It's my dream to go there as well.

In the meantime, visit www.fiberfemmes.com - Fiber Femmes e-zine - for a look at the trip to Romania this past summer. Loads of fiber grannies and grandpa's...very wonderful trip. We're doing another fiber and craft trip to the Ukraine and Romania in August 2007. If you're interested, let me know.

Have FUN!

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