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December 26, 2006



I promise to bring you some on my next visit!!
Happy New Year to all of you!
Love and hugs from Lene


At our Swedish house it's Glugg for the holidays. We make it ourselves so there's no worry about importing problems, at least.


Love the gift. I can't imagine life without mine. Oh, and may I have a copy of the scarf pattern please? I looks lovely.


Greg found three bottles in Chatfield on his way through town on Saturday. Today we're going to do an "Akavit crawl," hoping people in Rochester haven't gotten the word yet. It was bad enough hearing that Emma wasn't going to be imported; this is nothing short of a crime.


I am late to the Christmas party, but I hope it was MERRY! :)
I had to look up the Akavit when you mentioned it. :) But in my defense, the only part of ME that is Swedish is my left ring finger. And my kids! haha!
I'm hoping you find a source for your booze! One should not be without those traditions!xoxoxo


22 is an impressive number..I struggled putting together a cold table for 6! I have yet to try Akavit. Alexia loves the herring, between her and Carl they can polish off two jars. Hopefully, one day, we can share one with you!!




Beautiful scarf and may I have the pattern, please. We just celebrated Christmas with a bottle of St. Hilaire, a sparkling French wine...*very* delish. Now if I could only find it here in the back of beyond.

Sandra both @ Thistle Cove Farm www.thistlecovefarm.blogspot.com and Fiber Femmes



Hi! Looks like a neat gift!! btw, I bought a case of akavit yesterday. The guy says that's something they don't have any call for "by the case!" Perhaps I should see if they have another one, yet. Love to all...


It is Akvavit -- The water of life!!!


Akavit is one of the few things I haven't tried. LOL. Great story about your FIL. Nice gift! They know you, eh?

crazy for yarn in alabama

WHEW!!! Glad to know the father-in-law has stood firm in his no alcohol rule!! LOL!!!! Sounds like it was a blast!! What a great gift too!!


Jealous! I wind my own balls.
Does akavit mean "water of life"? Because that's what the Scots call whiskey.
My favourite band, Salsa Celtica has translated it into El Agua de la Vita.


Aqua vita! latin for water of life.It is spelled AKVAVIT not akavit.


Mmmm...nice gift! I wind all my balls by hand too. I am such a stumblebum that I'm sure I could mess up just as easily with a ball winder as by hand lol. Have fun with it!


Wow...what a thoughtful gift from your family. I would love to get a copy of your herringbone pattern. I have some Manos just calling out to be used. Thanks!!!


So funny! I can just imagine the skirmish to get all the remaining liquor off the shelves in BC.


I love the herringbone rib pattern!!! Really nice. I've seen pictures of it knitted in different colors and colorways and think it's really neat.
May I have the pattern or do I have to be a member of a blog or have a blog to get the pattern?
I enjoy reading your blog and others. I've learned so much by reading other people's comments and ideas.
Thank you.


This herringbone rib scarf looks beautiful. I have some handpainted yarn that would look beautiful with this pattern. Could I please have a copy of your pattern.
By the way, I really enjoyed your blog. I'm not a big enough knitter yet to have my own blog but knitting is still a priority...after the kids, shelties, etc...

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