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April 21, 2006



Oh,how scary. Best wishes for both of you. Enough certainly is enough!


That's awful - that he had the heart attack, not that you caught it early, that part is very lucky. Give him my best wishes and you take care of yourself too!


oh my goodness! I'm thinking good thoughts for you here.


Oh good heavens -- keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!


Oh, LI! Thank God he listened to the signs.
That's it. I am just going to think everymorning, "good things for Li". My new daily mantra.
Stay strong. Remember to eat healthy.


You poor thing! I'm glad you caught it early. Several years ago, my FIL had a heart attack and thought he was just overheated from working in the yard. We didn't find out until about a year or two afterward when he had a workup for surgery and it was spotted on his ECG.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Chuck! I hope he doesn't have too much residual damage to deal with. And yes, enough is enough!


All the best to you all,especially Chuck. Try not to be too scared. Things will be o.k.



My 'heart' goes out to you & Chuck, Li. These bumps in the road are no fun. Yes, me too, "good things for Li"...that's what it's all about, will be thinking of you. Take care.


My gram always used to say that bad things come in 3's. I think that's your 3 ... at least I hope so. And I'm adding Chuck to the prayer list too! Stay in good spirits - both of you.


Thinking all good thoughts for you and Chuck...tell him to do EXACTLY as the Dr. orders!! and yes Knitting would be a GREAT option for healing...


I hope Chuck is feeling better. I guess the moral of the story is that when Gracie starts chewing money, the family should all check their "vital signs". She must be sensing something is wrong and this her way of showing it.
Love, Rosie


Li, you and chuck are in my thoughts and prayers. take care.Lots of hugs to you.


Having been down this road too, my prayers are with you both. Take care of YOURSELF as well as Chuck...you definitely need some pampering. (Maybe some new yarn??)


Oh my. I am so glad you caught it early. I hope Chuck recovers quickly and is back home with you soon. Michael had a heart attack a few years ago while shoveling snow. Scary stuff. Sending good vibes to both of you!

Karen, sil

Thoughts and prayers continue with you!! Yes, Chuck, please follow drs. orders! And, Li, yes, shopping (for yarn or anything) is always a good antidote!! Love!!


Oh, Li - my thoughts and prayers are with you both! May brighter days be on their way for you and your family!!


Li - you know our prayers are with you and Chuck. Keep us posted when you can.


How very scary. Hope he's feeling better soon, and that things turn around soon. There is a limit to these things isn't there?

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