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March 24, 2006



In college I tipped my hair pink - and I mean I removed the color first so it would be shocking pink. And I grew up to be a librarian. I'm not pierced anywhere odd though...


Just think of all those 60's radicals who grew up to be investment bankers and stockbrokers. We are very different people at 30 than we are at 15 and he's got a ways to go. Hang in there mom!


My DH used to wear white makeup and black lipstick to the clubs and now he is an accountant. I won't mention what I used to wear to the clubs, its all too frightening. :-)

I just had an idea, maybe if more Moms started to dye their hair pink it would stop being cool for the 15 year'olds out there.


I was never a goth, but I had a huge (8+ inch) mohawk that I dyed every color under the sun. I did three years of grad school, and I suppose I live a life that my parents are proud of, so there's hope yet for your son. It's an adjusment to the more conventional world, but I have to say that every time I talk to a tattoo artist, they tell me that some of their best customers with the wildest tattoos are people who have very conventional, conservative jobs.

Rose Sybrant

Please send me the pattern for the Herringbone Rib scarf - it's beautiful!


Please send me the pattern for the Herringbone Rib scarf - it's beautiful!


Kids, babies and bags...reminds me of a couple of CORNY jokes that had us in peels of laughter when my friends and I were around 10 -- pre piercing. (even though piercing back then only meant ears).

Sleeping bag? No, just resting.
Lunch bag? No thanks, I'm not hungry.



I went shopping a few weeks ago with my daughter, and we went into a goth/punk store, that she and my youngest son frequent. My daughter needed help looking at the "brow" rings and "belly button" rings, and the clerk at that time was a young male goth. He was so nice, and polite, and helpful, and haha, strangely appealing! We had to go back a few days later, and there was a somewhat older, 'regular' girl there, who I later learned was the manager(!), and she couldn't be bothered to get off the phone to help us!!My youngest son did the mohawk and green or blue hair bit. Now he is applying for management training at the store where he works!! My daughter has bunches of tatooes, and a few piercings, and she just got a large promotion and raise where she works. Yeah, but I did my share of worrying!


I forgot to mention....my kitty is named after a vampire on TV........


I have 2 skeins of Manos and nothing planned for them - I would LOVE the pattern for the herringbone rib scarf. It's beautiful!!


I love your scarves! And the Herringbone Rib Scarf is gorgeous! I have the same yarn (Manos del Uruguay) and I would love the pattern. I'd try to give it a shot -- hope it's not too difficult.
PS Your Bias Shawl is BEA-YOU-TEE-FUL!


Your Herringbone Rib Scarf is just what I am looking for!! Can you send the pattern? thx


It's funny how today's Goth kids have no idea how Goth came about. I was one way back when..(I'm 45 now)...so there's hope. I show my 15 year old pictures of me back then and he's embarrassed. Last year I got my first tattoo and my son tried to talk me out of it. Heh! It's not something parent are supposed to do.


I have begun making Christmas presents and would appreciate if you could send me that beautiful herringbone rib scarf pattern.Lovely pattern. Thank you so much.

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