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March 06, 2006



I've been seeing the Sweedish fish again - the RED ones, no extra sugar or heaven forbid salt on them. I also liked the candy neckaces - little round bits of candy on an elastic band. And the dots of candy - just peel off the paper and eat.


I remember Chuckles. I *love* Necco wafers! I am more likely to buy those if I am in the mood for candy than to buy chocolate. I miss candy cigarettes, the chalky white ones. I'm thrilled that they are selling Bottle Caps again, and that I can find Mary Janes, Bit O'Honeys, and Squirrel Nut Zippers as well. I miss those old 7-Up bars with the seven different flavors, too.


I always say that every one of my teeth is a sweet tooth. I remember Sky Bars, that had a different flavor inside each separate chocolate section; my dad used to bring home little fancy boxes with individually wrapped butterscotch or licorice candy that was hard, yet very creamy. They looked so fancy with each piece wrapped in a gold or silver foil, but you could buy them anywhere....can't think of the name though. I also remember when marshmallows (one of my favorite food groups!) used to come in small boxes with wax paper between the two layers, yummy! And Turkish Taffy that we would put in the freezer to make it hard, then smack it on the counter to shatter it into bite-size pieces. If I give this more thought, I'm sure I could come up with lots more! And penny candy! With small change, we could fill a small paper bag, and we could pick out each piece!! Oh yeah, there were Walnettos, nut filled caramels that we bought often.


Hi Li, I remember when I was in elementary school my Dad would take me to the newspaper/candy store on Plandome Road in Manhasset and buy me like 7 big packs of gum. There was black licorice gum in there and juicy fruit. He said I could chew one pack a day or I could chew them all over the weekend but whatever I did, that was the weekly stock. Inevitably I would blow through most of them in three days and always, always share with my friends. Remember Julia my sister and her red licorice that my Mom use to have from when she came home from college. The pink toned scarf is gorgeous looking on the loom.
Love, Rosie


When I saw the title of your post, I was expecting a story on your husband. But instead your post made me remember my gramma's candy dish. As kids, we would dash to the dish for a treat whenever we went over for visits. I was always disappointed when it contained Licorice Allsorts - I don't think you'd have any competition from me for you German black licorice fish.

Love the scarf. You'll have to bring the loom to knit night.


Remember those gross hard candies called VIOLETS? Reminds me of bowling in Manhasset for some reason! What were they thinking when they invented VIOLETS!?!? Also big bags of BRACHS candy from the people who lived next door at the country house. Do you rmember that at all? How about getting candy at the store Country Life? I could go on and on............


Chuckles, MaryJanes, Mallow Cups with the coupons you saved, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Charleston Chews,Nickle Nips Wax soda bottles,and of course, the candy cigarettes with real powdered sugar smoke!


oooh, love it! My husband bought me the 1980's retro candy gift box from amazon (they have others too:
) I love the candy lipsticks, pixie sticks, jolly rancher sticks... You should join mariko's (super eggplant) candyswappers list!!


For me, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy. YUUUMMMM, Caramel!
Love the yarn and scarf.


I was the youngest of four girls and relished my favorites long past childhood. My special favourites were Tootsie Pops and Jelly Tots. I do pack Tootsie Pops on long trips with my kids, but they like sour things now.


There is a little shop in my office building that sells Charms candies. I have to buy myself a pack every once in awhile.

My favorite candys where the bubble gum cigarettes that you could blow powdered "smoke" out of, fireballs, and candy "lipsticks". We still have a wonderful candy store in my town that sells all kinds of great penny candy. So much fun to go to even as an adult.


Well, Li, my favorites were always those B-B-Bats suckers, especially the strawberry or vanilla ones. I remember my favorite uncle would always find some for me. I still love fireballs too. Nothing like a little fire in the mouth to match the fire on my head.


Ok one more..........Bonamo Turkish taffy


I swear this is the last one...RAZZELS!


The scarf is so pretty. I just received my rigid heddle loom and am scared to even try to start a project on it, even though I have the yarn spun and ready for it. Thanks for the inspiration.


Hi Li. Congrats (I think) on your DD's betrothel. I understand your feelings about the entire deal, but kudos to you for resigning to the event with such grace! My DD will be 20 next week and I cannot fathom her being remotely ready for marriage for a very, very long time. I got married when I was 24 and looking back, it was young. Hugs to you in that regard!

How about Swedish Fish?I used to work in a luncheonette and we had a penny candy case filled with all kinds of candy and that was always my favorite. Root beer barrels, candy on the paper strips, licorice whips, and did you have
Charm Pops?

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