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June 29, 2005



Ha! My knitting day yesterday was spent undoing mistakes, and imagined mistakes! I saw one mistake, and went back to fix it, when I kept finding these mysterious slipped stitches. The more I took out, the more I found! I wondered what alien had been playing with my knitting! After 7 rows of this, I finally realized that there had indeed only been one mistake, and the rest were the result of me frogging in poor lighting without bifocals, haha!
Marina looks just gorgeous!


Oh boy, I know what you mean but, she's looking gorgeous.


Poo--don't you hate days like that? Thanks for the Sophie Milman link--I adore Diana Krall


I am sorry, that is no fun. I just frogged my Flower Basket Shawl...I usually just knit on, but there were just enough mistakes that my flower baskets looked like they had been run over and left in a puddle. I love to watch your progress on Marina. The colors are so amazing! I am very excited to see it completed.

Karen, sil

Wow! What persistence and tenacity you have, Luv! Loved the strawberries and family pic.

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