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September 02, 2017


Kristen Chambers

This is SO COOL!


What a great way to spend some of your retirement! I would love a day with nothing but knitting time and a chance to eat foods prepared by someone other that ME!! :)


Oh, what fun. Always the adventurous couple. The food trucks reminds me, though, of way back when.....(I may have mentioned this before) 1994 I think it was...the filming of Mighty Ducks 2. My work place was the site of the extras "hangout," and our (small) staff was allowed to get lunch from their food truck. It indeed was truly fantastic. btw, Emilio Estevez's trailer was parked on the street right outside my office window, tho I never did see him☹️


How interesting working on set. Two square meals a day and you get to shoot the breeze all day. It sounds good to me.

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