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December 08, 2016



Glad to see you are home and settled. I have been given a new library card twice because our library moved and then updated but it's the same one since I was 7.


What a treat to have the library so close....and to have found a knitting group, already. The wave patterned throw is beautiful. Nice to be getting a little acquainted with your new neighborhood. Hmmmm.....stairs......will take some getting used to, I'm sure. It's 24 degrees F here right now at noon, but with 20 mph wind, it feels like 7. Brrrr. However, we did have a fair November, which will shorten the long winter. I hope.


I'm jealous of my daughter and her husband who live in a little town and can walk to everything.
Looking back with wisdom, we should have bought a one story house. Not that there are problems yet, but it seems inevitable.
Hooray for beautiful knitting content!


Two things close to my heart: libraries and knitting! How wonderful for you to find them together! I'm a librarian and have often wondered if I could secretly knit behind the Reference Desk while at work! I would love to have a copy of your Herringbone Rib scarf. Thanks!

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