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February 10, 2013


Margaret Smith

I like it now! I have a small set of dishes and they all have different snow pictures by Robert Timberlake. The dishes are blue and white but the actual prints are colors. If you google him look for Late Snow at Riverwood - it's a really pretty snow picture - he has a lot of snow scenes. I do like your a lot - you're so talented and always learning something new.


I have faith in you that I will see my 50th Birthday gift before my 60th :) The Barn looks AWESOME!


If that saying is true, we're all doomed! Your painting is incredible, just as it is.


That watercolor is only half done? It looks stunning as is. You've been hiding this talent from us!


Well I think it's just beautiful, Li. It is very serene looking.

Laura ladrón de Guevara

Wow! You are gifted,
Can You send me a copyright of the herringbone rib scarf instruccions please?
Thank You!


Li! Amazing watercolor. It far surpasses anything most of us could do, but I know it is easy to be your own harshest critic. Just know that it looks fantastic!

Lene Lonnov

I sincerely don't understand that you think you're not good enough! Get real and be proud of what you do!!! Love you.

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