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January 13, 2013



It would depend on whether the deserted island in question was in a warm section of the earth or a cold one. If it was a cold one, Peace Fleece, a sweater's worth in every color they make. Warm? I'd pick miles of sock yarn, specific company not so important.


I have seen it at Black Sheep but it didn't come home with me. Maybe I should try it out so it can nudge over my desert island (why not dessert island?) choice of Handmaiden Marrakesh. I could only take one project to Africa and it was a good choice.


Dale of Norway Baby Ull in every color imaginable.


That's a tough one, but I'd hope to be stranded on a cold desert island as wool is my favorite fiber.

Teresa James

That is lovely, Li! I have also worn my Clapotis more than any other project I have made. It is very versatile for traveling, and I take it along on all my trips now. I made it from Elizabeth Lavold's Silky Wool, which is a dream to work with and seems to wear very well. It is one of my favourite yarns.


It's going to be pretty...I never did make a Clapotis...may have to dig out that pattern one of these days!
My all time favorite project was the Lady Entrelac shawl that I made from Noro Silk Garden. I use it all the time, and I love, love, love the way that yarn creates the most interesting texture and little blocks of color with the entrelac.

Beth McKee

I would like a copy of your herringbone rib pattern - should look great with my Harvest tweed yarn. Thanks


Hello Beth, if you'd like a copy of the pattern please sign in with your e-mail address instead of your typepad profile. It won't be visible to others but is the only way to send you the pattern.


This is Beth again. Sorry,I tried to create a Facebook account previously - and failed. My information is below.


Hi - love your blog. Do you think you could e-mail me a copy of your herringbone rib scarf pattern? I would love to try it! Diane puza2@yahoo.com

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