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March 17, 2010


toni in florida

So beautiful! I love it.

As for that 2nd skein, let me be the first to say, "Ooh, ooh, I want it! I want it!" ;-)


you could send it to me and we could have matching scarves :)

What about a quick Christmas Lace scarf? Check out ravelry for the info. :)

Sara Beth

This is beautiful. I really love the color!


That is lovely. I like the plain garter stitch with the lace edging.


Oh lovely! And a bargain. I'm hoarding my skeins of cashmere because of the expense they were, it has to be the perfect project!


I love this. It's so pretty!


Very pretty and cashmere, too. Yummy.


Not only is it caaaaaashmere, it's very beautiful. What about Ishbel for the other skein? The stated amount needed was WAY high according to many people on Rav. (mine too) You should have plenty.


Love this. I'll bet it's so soft and I think the lace side looks masterful!!!


It's gorgeous!!!


This is an example of how things appeal, or not, in certain yarns. Would never give this pattern a look in the pink yarn they used. Even now, looking at the original does nothing for me. But your version makes me want the pattern! Think I will go knit Saroyan, just because I have some yarn I can use for it and the pattern was free.


It's beautiful. I bet it feels like heaven against your neck. I know what you can do with that second skein... but that would be greedy of me ;)


Yum. I loved making this beauty too, though mine was not of luxurious cashmere.

Aporanee Schauer

Hi -- I just came across you herribone rib scarf pattern and really love it. I would like to knit it with my handspun. Can you please send me a copy of the pattern? Thanks so much, Aporanee
my email address is aschauer@voanews.com. Thanks!


What a beautiful scarf. I am sure it is so soft and luxurious to wear. How about a beret with the other skein? There are so many free patterns on Rav and it is really the "style" right now.


Oh, lovely yarn,that cashmere!!
I was able to find 2 skeins of a cashmere mix/handmaiden in a destash on ravelry, wish it were more, but happy with the price. Haven't found anything to use it for yet.But will.


Hello, I was wondering if you would please send me the pattern for your herringbone scarf, I would love to make one! My email's hard-korri@hotmail.com
Thank you!

Suzanne Anderson

It's quite lovely. What a great price too!!!

Suzanne Anderson

I would also love a copy of your Herringbone pattern. Thank you.


I"ve always loved that little wrap. Your's looks so delicious in that cashmere...How nice!

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