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July 14, 2009



I think this is a great story. I'm glad you posted it!


Lene's sweater is loved and appreciated. (I delivered it yesterday.)


LOL I had to follow the link to see the actual statue! Now all that you need is a bird on top of the bird!!!


Funny story - but I think I would have thought the same thing. Who would think to create a statue of a woman with a bird on her head??


It is so funny that you'd write about that statue. I was driving past it just a couple of weeks ago and was thinking as I glanced at it, 'that the bird was so still....amazing!' Then I drove by a few days later and thought, 'what a coincidence there's another very still bird on the top.'

It wasn't until I mentioned it to Kris, that she laughed and told me it was part of the statue.

I've driven past it for a few years now and yet never noticed it before. :)


Well, obviously not a few years being that it was only erected in April. Somehow though, it seems like it's been there longer.

Jane Toumpas

I did something simular when I lived in Florida. I was looking out the kitchen window and I inform my friends who were there that an owl was sitting on the dock and to go get my camera quickly before he flew away. We all go out as quiet as can be on tippy toes to get a close up shot when someone says" Wait a Minute, it's one of thoses plastic owls to keep the seagulls away" Boy was my face red!


Well its the sculptors fault for making it look so real. :-)


LOL I used to have a subscription to CAG!!! Great story!

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