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June 28, 2009



It all looks delicious.
My mom ended that saying with '...if I were rich I wouldn't be here.' And I still say it too.

Chris Nielsen

I'm putting together some projects to take on a bike trip in Idaho next week and would like to knit some scarves for the Red Scarf Project. Would you be so kind as to send me the pattern for the Herringbone Rib scarf? It would make great use of one of my yarns. Thanks.

Jane Toumpas

" By all means " does that one ring a bell sister? Thank God I don't use it and if I do please by all means shoot me : )

Jane Toumpas

PS Never heard that beer and bread one. The avocado salad is picture perfect !


One of our dad's sayings was "No yeah-buts" in response to our giving the excuse, "Yeah, but . . . ." And in our family it was holding your mouth straight, not your tongue! The food looks delicious!


Witten by sister-in-law Ellen:
Believe it or not, the food tasted even better than it looks!


It's a shame to eat anything so beautiful. My kids will probably remember, "Pretend you're talking to your mother." My sisters and I are cooking up a card with photos of each of us :Is your leg tied to a piano, hold your horses, were you born in a barn. Unfortunately it looks like I get: Keep your shirt on.


My grandmother's favorite saying was we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I HATED IT!!! It basically put off a decision she didn't want to make and was an eventual no. I SWORE I'd never use it. Yep, you guessed it. I used it a few months ago with my kids. I said it and it took a full minute to realize what I said. THAT is when I realized I was indeed my grandmother. and I've made a conscious effort NOT to say it again!


Mom would say, "If wishes were fishes we'd have a mess fried." and then after having said that she would continue with, "and if horse turds were biscuits we'd eat 'til we die."
I know it's not pretty but she did say it. And on more then one occasion, too.
There were so many sayings floating around from every family member, I could write a book!


Oh yum, that food looks awesome.

My mom isn't really the saying type person. But my mother-in-law... she's full of fun stuff. My current favorite is when my kids ask where we're going her answer is, "Crazy. Wanna go along?" They usually laugh and don't ask again for the next two point four seconds.


My mouth is watering!


That avocado salad looks almost too beautiful to eat! Sounds like you've balanced the scale in the household's testosterone/estrogen level ;)
Hope you and your guests are enjoying this lovely summer weather.


my grandpa always said "oh dear bread and beer if i was in Germany i wouldn't be here." i use many of his phrases.

when my kids ask what i am doing, i will often reply "standing on my head spitting jelly beans" or "playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers"

he has some good ones!

Shelley Murphy

I find it interesting that someone else has heard the saying, "Oh dear bread and beer...If I hadn't been married, I wouldn't be here". When I was a little girl my mom's twin sister came to visit us in Wisconsin from Colorado. I believe that she was taking a break from her husband because they couldn't have children, and he wouldn't adopt a child. I have absolutely never forgotten the words and occasionally use them myself. An interesting point of my posting was to comment on the fact that their father (my grandfather) was from Denmark.

We now all live in California and enjoy eating salmon, especially wild salmon from the Pacific Ocean. However, I have never made it with mushrooms and will definitely give it a try.

To healthy eating!


What I always heard was "Oh dear bread and beer, if i had money I wouldn't be here".

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