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December 03, 2008



Congratulations! That's wonderful.


How cool! Congratulations on having your pattern published!


Wow- congratulations! I've not heard of this book before!


An AWESOME idea for a gift! hint, hint! congratulations on being in print.


PS Wait a minute , I am a poet and didn't even know it on my last comment. hee! hee!

Awesome Mom

What a neat book! I will have to add that to my list of knitting books to get.


What a great idea for a knitting book! I'll be ordering one this afternoon.

Congratulations on your published pattern.


A published author - I'm so proud of you! And proud of the cause. Hubby and I have been putting money aside all year and had fun last night browsing through Heifer International's catalog. When we came across the Knitting Basket (2 llamas and 2 sheep), he said, "Yes! That what we should get." So we did! I hope this will become a Christmas tradition.


How cool! Congratulations on having your beautiful pattern published.

Linda B.

Wow, am I ever impressed!


How cool to have your scarf in print! And what a great way to pay it forward all the way around.


What a lovely book at an affordable price! Think I'll put it on my Christmas list.


This is so exciting! I have longed to start a charity group (Common Threads)to meet the direct needs of my own community. Our church is only two doors down from our Community Services.
Your book will certainly spur me on.


I am SO proud! And you know how I love that pattern! :D
That book looks great. It's on my Christmas list!


Trés cool!


Congrats! What a thrill to be first in the book. How's Gracie's nose doing this winter?


Did I win the comment contest yet?


YAYAY!! Congratulations!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

So cool! Way to go.

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