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December 31, 2006



That sounds quite mysterious! I would love to know where that is so that I can go to such a place next year ;-)

The vest looks lovely. Gorgeous colour!

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe 2007!


Have a nice, soothing knitting encounter or encounters. I plan on taking some mini vacation in Feb. or March. Most likely Florida to Betsy's new house on a very active lake. I also have a free night at the Marriot that I plan to use in NYC with some friends or sisters.


Patterns are still being sent out? Holy moley. :) how happy am I for you and your wonderful pattern?!
Happy Happy New Year, dear Li!


Happy New Year!


Happy and Healthy New Year to you Li.

Nadia Lewis

Happy New Year to you too!

A quiet New Year's sounds perfect.


Happy New Year to you also! Being "out of touch" sounds like a great way to spend a cold winter's night.


Sounds like a heavenly way to spend time! Enjoy!


Oh, how I wish I could be at a place like that!
Happy New Year!


I believe that our new years are reflective of how we ushered the old one out...Happy Knitting New Year 2007!


Hope you took your traveling BBQ set with you. Enjoy! Happy 2007!

crazy for yarn in alabama

No PHONES or COMPUTERS you say????? Sounds like HEAVEN to me!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL new years.....I'm quite jealous of being somewhere so peaceful.....I write this as Auburn/Nebraska are playing....rather loudly I must admit. ENJOY your peace!!!


Happy New Year!



I want to be somewhere like that too. I have a few of those spots, and I love them. I'm something of a hermit though...

Happy New Year!

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