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April 19, 2006



How very cool that your penpal from the past found you! I loved writing to penpals from all over the world in the '60's. With email and all the other modern ways to communicate, I still think kids today are missing out on the thrill of corresponding with paper and pen with a penpal.


Very cool! I think I am going to try and google some past friends and see what comes up.

Eva (EvaLux)

Wow... is that possible? That the kids have different last names if the parents are the same? Here in Europe they can have either the mother's name, the father's, or both hyphenated, but you make your decision with the first one and the next ones all get the same last name.

Cheers Eva
PS - sure is a complicated name LOL.


You know, I didn't give it a second thought when I married and took my husband's last name. Actually, it didn't bother me until about 12 years later when my dad passed away. I have kept my maiden name as my middle name and considered reverting to it as my last name when Dad passed. However, I didn't and think I may have regretted changing it back to the maiden name. I've now had my married last name almost as long as I had my maiden name. I can't imagine being known as Donna F. again.

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