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April 20, 2006



Thanks so much for that visual of number 5!


Oh no, I don't even have to look to know it about the new chew toy, money!!!


It didn't have to come out the other end after all! LOL


Had a chuckle when I saw the denomination of the bill. I recalled the last time was $20 so this had to be a new chew. When will those dogs ever learn! :)

Knitting in stop and go traffic ... it's the only thing that makes sitting in traffic bearable.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Uh oh! hehe


Oh I know the feeling of eaten currency, remote controls, shoes, bras, blankets, bibles, cd'roms, at least Abner's well rounded.


I Knit in the car, too! It's amazing how many rows you can get done at stop lights!

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