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April 27, 2006



'High cholesterol yarn' - great description! And isn't F&F great for so many yarns?? Gorgeous.


That is some gorgeous yarn! Still sending prayers and good vibes to your husband and you.


Ok, here's another rule - if you call your wife from work to tell her you love her, you gain extra points. If you ask what came in the mail, you lose those points. The yarn is gorgeous. I'm knitting some socks with Regia silk and it is wonderfully soft and well, silky. Can't wait to see your scarf.


Sounds like some lovely yarn. Hmmm, I wish someone would have had that conversation with my husband. The other day in the grocery store we walked by some roses, I commented on some yellow ones that were really pretty. Oh, would you like them. No, had you grabbed them on your own for me, then yes. I don't think my Nick will ever get it. but that's okay, he makes me dinner every night, who am I to complain.


That's one crazy-shiny yarn; it actually says, "Bling!" when you look at it.


Shame, shame, shame on you for letting me know yarn that gorgeous exists.


I am so happy that yarn has found a happy home. It is lovely indeed!!!! sigh.

Where was I... oh, yes, your post about the flowers made me laugh out loud (not good, supposed to be working)...;)


This actually concerns an earlier post... I really appreciate your honesty re your mother's illness. It's the only way we're ever going to get past the apparent stigma of mental illness. (We've certainly learned to talk freely about breat cancer, etc.) I've found that when I'm open about the bipolar pattern in my family, people confide to me burdens they carry around and are more than supportive. It's a risk, perhaps, but I don't think I've ever been rebuffed or made to feel bad. It's a difficult illness, not unlike a lot of difficult illnesses. And we need to accept it and deal with it better. Your honesty helps. Thanks.

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